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DEC 13, 2014

Rakvere, (Estonia)




The website was updated




After an intense & creative time in Berlin working in the new photo shooting with the new line up of the band, we hope to publish in the next days the new side of Der Blaue Reiter!

Stay tuned!





We are  proud to announce that Pilar (Aeldaborn / Aura Noctis ), will be part of Der Blaue Reiter like a live musician member, supporting us with the cello and percussions in future live performances of the band.

With this latest entry, the new lineup of the band are completed, and we are ready to conquest a lot of new illusions and a lot of good moments on stage next to our audience 




Der Blaue Reiter are ready to start a new chapter, this after that our dear Lady Nott decided to leave the band for personal reasons a few days ago.

For this reason, we are proud to announce that Cecilia Bjärgö (Arcana / Sophia), will be part of Der Blaue Reiter, supporting us with vocals and percussions in future performances, and in the forthcoming albums of the band!!

She is a talented musician and good person, for this reason she is very welcome to share the next illusions, music inspirations and future of this project that i have developed since around 2006 until today...


Thanks to you all for the unconditional support that we received during these years and of course Der Blaue Reiter continues !!




New album now available!!!

Orders here:







Der Blaue Reiter


Le Paradis Funèbre II - L' Adieu du silence

After the release of their acclaimed last album ‘Nuclear Sun’, Der Blaue Reiter return from the pillars of oblivion with a new apocalyptic musical tour de force – inspired by a tragic vision of a world governed by secret societies, war and the last days of mankind…

‘Le Paradis Funèbre II – L’Adieu Du Silence’ is to be considered the second chapter of the band’s 2004 debut album. It consists of eleven new songs ripe with compelling orchestrations, cinematic soundscapes and majestic industrial & martial ambience.

The album features collaborations with Alina (Lamia Vox), Cecilia Bjärgö (Arcana/Sophia) and Daniela Bedeski (Rosa Rubea). Undoubtedly the most powerful and dark work created by the band thus far!

Mastered by Peter Bjärgö (Sophia/Arcana).



We are proud to announce that another new release of the band is coming!

After two years of intense work "Dies de Cendra" is a really!


La Esencia presents another new chapter of the band impregnated of oppressive and martial ambiences inspired in the Barcelona Bombings of 1938...

Will be released in two different very limited editions:


- 7" Limited Vinyl Edition only 400 copies

- Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set only 100 hand numbered copies

The artwork has been created by Cecilia Bjärgö ( Arcana / Sophia ) and the collaboration in the french voices by Nebel from Sonorites Obscures".

Album Teaser:

Pre-orders soon!

Stay Tuned!




Follow us on Soundcloud!!



After a long time working in new music inspirations, we are ready to release a lot of new stuff of the band in the next months!!!

Thanks for the support!


- Le Paradis Funèbre II - L' adieu du Silence - Cd (OUT 09-SEPTEMBER 2014)


( Neuropa Records)

- Le Paradis Funèbre II - L' adieu du Silence - LP vinyl edition + bonus track (COMING SOON)

( Neuropa Records)


- Dies de Cendra 7" vinyl normal edition - limited 400 copies ( OUT COMING SOON 2014) ( La Esencia)


Dies de Cendra 7" vinyl deluxe box edition very limited - ( OUT COMING SOON 2014) ( La Esencia)


- Fragments of Life, Love & War. vinyl limited edition    (  OUT  2015)



We are very grateful with the support that we are receiving from our followers in each new step of this project. For this reason, we will upload an exclusive new song to free download like a gift for your unconditional support!

This song are the first part of "Fragments of life, love and war" a new limited vinyl that we will release during the end of 2014!!


Download here!



We are proud to announce that Der Blaue Reiter signed with Neuropa Records to release the forthcoming album of the band, " Le paradis funèbre II - L' adieu du silence". The new album will be released during the first week of september 2014!!


New photos about our recent performance at Wave Gotik Treffen has been uploaded to gallery section.

Thanks so much to Constadina Karastathi for the nice pics of our concert!!



We are very glad to announce that we've been confirmed for the next Wave Gotik Treffen 2014 (Leipzig-Germany)! 
We will be playing at Schauspielhaus theatre on Sunday 8th of June! 
We hope to see you there and thanks for the support!



We are proud to announce that our new album will be mastered at Erebus Odora Studios (Sweden) by our dear friend Peter Bjärgö (Arcana / Sophia).
Coming soon more news, stay tuned!!



Today after some months of hard work the fourth album of Der Blaue Reiter was finished!

58 minutes of pure apocalyptic music and dramatic passages inspired in the last days of the humanity and the world.
In the next days will be announce the release date of the album and other greats news and new concert dates!



DER BLAUE REITER confirmed for "II Morituri Te Salutant Festival  (Germany) next december !

Tickets and contact via:



We present  DIES DE CENDRA, our second music work of this year, that will be released during the next summer by "La Esencia" in two very especial editions:


1. 7" Standard edition

2. 7" Ultra Deluxe Boxset (very limited ed.)


DIES DE CENDRA is a new music creation of Der Blaue Reiter, dedicated to the victims of the Barcelona Bombings during the Spanish Civil War . A sad historical chapter, that returns from the past to become a new music experience.


In this new release have collaborated the great designer and musician Cecilia Bjärgö (Arcana / Sophia) in the layout, and Nebel from Sonorites Obscures in the french vocals!



Welcome to the official site of Der Blaue Reiter!!



Confirmed date for the next edition of Nocturnal Culture Night Festival 2014 - LEIPZIG ( GERMANY).



The official site of Der Blaue Reiter was openend.



DEC 6, 2014
Frankfurt / Rhein-Main (Germany)





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